Southern Fried Cat Fish

This delicious fried fish recipe is pronounced by using a standard blend of seasonings and flour, but do not be tricked by the ease of the recipe – the fillets fry in place delicious and crispy. Haddock and cod are 2 unique selections for fish that is fried, pollock, but tilapia, and a gentle white fish must work fine. Take care never to overcook the slim fillets or even melt the crispy coating.

Healthier oils as avocado oil will work as very long:

as the smoke issue is 400 F or even higher. Stay away from utilizing coconut oil or maybe butter, because they are going to burn at the high temperatures needed for frying. Additionally, it will keep the fillet in a single piece and also adds flavor.


A number of fish are great for frying. Try boneless white-colored fish fillets like haddock, tilapia, and cod.


The pilaf of her with chicken ended up being to die for as well as her sour soups, a really conventional Romanian method to prepare soups, were impressive.

I miss her at times. I want she will be still around showing me the secrets of her in the home.

This particular formula of pan fried fish is, once again, a really simple and tasty one. Grandma used to make fish that is fried quite frequently, particularly in the summertime, in her small back yard summer kitchen area.


Absolutely nothing fancy in the cooking area, believe me…

I noticed lots of people stating that in case they will have a larger room with a lot of big ovens and modern utensils, they will be ready to create greater meals.

My grandma had just a little gas stove with gasoline tanks, along with a bit of table, couple of pots and lots and pans of skill to create an excellent food from easy ingredients.

In the recipe of mine:

I utilized cod. Cod, at the very least in the humble opinion of mine, has a great consistency and does not break apart love tilapia, for instance.

Almost any fish type will move though. Aside from the fish, you are going to need a little vegetable and flour oil for frying. That is it!

My grandma used that one also, sometimes.

No additives, and any other strange ingredients. Tasty!
I suppose it’s simply a case of personal preference and also any strategy is good.

No additives, and any other strange ingredients. Tasty!

Phase one.
Before you begin frying the fish, be sure that it’s totally dried out. Excess moisture reduces the heat on the oil. Additionally, when you place water in oil that is hot, it produces splashes and you may quickly obtain burns. Oil burns are awful, and so take care.

Phase two.

Create a bowl or a plate with flour. Be good. Additionally, don’t employ some herbs, they burn up in the engine oil and alter the flavor of the fish.

Get portions of fish as well as toss them inside flour.

No additives, and any other strange ingredients. Tasty!
Phase three.
Place a great skillet on the stove, on moderate high heat, and put vegetable engine oil within it, around two inches deep.

STEP four.

No additives, and any other strange ingredients. Tasty!
Frying in huge batches may cause the heat on the oil to drop way too low, causing a less crispy (and much less delicious) finished product or service.

Between batches, maintain engine oil completely clean by scooping away any parts of fish created.

Pan Fried Fish Grandma Style22 one
Phase five.

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