Five Reasons I Went Dairy Free – And the 7 Day Meal Plan That Helped Me Do It

Five Reasons I Went Dairy Free – And the 7 Day Meal Plan That Helped Me Do It

Five Reasons I Went Dairy Free – And the 7 Day Meal Plan That Helped Me Do It

What happens when your own chef and self proclaimed foodie makes a decision to ditch dairy? One female explains why she eventually said farewell to Cream and Camembert – and discovered some nice surprises.

Health and wellness touch every one people differently. This’s a particular person’s story.

As a millennial existing in New York City, consuming very well and also prioritizing my health is a lot easier said than done.

Whether I was grabbing a late night piece of pizza or even staying within having a pint of Ben as well as Jerry’s, I did not always throw myself first the way I knew I must. Even with becoming a vegan restaurant proprietor, personal chef, and self proclaimed foodie, I’d the struggles of mine with food.

Ultimately, I realized I look to foods to sustain my livelihood, my happiness, and my health. I discovered that having a clear knowledge of what I put within my body eventually helped me develop a greater connection with the health of mine – and food on the whole.

That is exactly how I chose to give up dairy.

 The standard reaction when somebody is told to eliminate a thing from the diet of theirs – something they like – is often denial and disappointment. The food habits of ours are so incredibly engrained and reforming those behavior might be difficult, though the manner in which we handle the problem is what allows us develop.

Within the past season, I stopped eating milk. I gave upwards my beloved Ben as well as Jerry’s!

Was it difficult? It required some error and trial, but was not nearly as hard as you might assume. Was it well worth it? Definitely. I have seen changes that are significant in the skin of mine, overall energy, mood, digestion, hair, and also weight. The skinny jeans of mine are thanking me – together with every aspect of the body of mine.

 Below are 5 key reasons I chose to switch to a dairy free diet. And in case you are keen on generting the switch yourself, I have included my downloadable 7 day dairy free food program at the bottom, filled with recipes that are delicious and everything you have to help you started out!

  1. Acne

I have had bad acne for years. Since being dairy free, my skin has never ever been clearer. Acne is an inflammatory problem. Oil gets caught in pores, leading to bacteria to develop in the follicles. After that it causes inflammation, which converts to acne.

Dairy is a significant cause of oils within the body and also allows inflammation grow. Many factors are able to aggravate acne – dairy is not often the cause. Experimenting with diet may be worth a try and a visit to the dermatologist can additionally assist rule out far more serious problems.

  1. Digestion

My break down of food became a lot more consistent – no additional bloating or maybe cranky gut issues. When your body cannot break down lactose, gasoline and bloating are usually the result. In case you consume excessive lactose, it is able to inflame the large intestine of yours and diarrhea is able to develop.

A tip: Do not buy ultra-high-temperature pasteurized milk which never goes bad. That is not common and most likely not something you wish to put into the body of yours.

  1. Weight loss

Eliminating dairy is able to help with losing weight. Milk, basic yoghurt, and other unsweetened dairy products have lactose, a pure sugar, while other dairy products might include sugar that is added.


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In case you are attempting to shed persistent abdominal fat, eliminating all sugar can truly help. While losing weight was not a personal wellness goal for me, I am currently day four of no sugar at all.

  1. Thyroid

Dairy items are mucus forming and the protein in milk have been discovered to raise inflammation in essential body parts like the thyroid gland and intestinal tract.

Since cutting dairy, I have noticed changes in the metabolism of mine and energy levels – that may both be connected to thyroid health. I also drink fresh squeezed celery juice every day on an empty stomach to help alkalize the body of mine and like a preventive degree for thyroid problems.

  1. Candida

Dairy is among the food items to stay away from in case you’ve or maybe you are in danger for Candida overgrowth. Dairy has been proven to result in inflammationTrusted Source, which could promote the development of bad gut bacteria linked to certain chronic conditions or diseases including leaky gut.

The dairy we consume is pasteurized as well as homogenized, and artificial supplements are included. These artificial additives are able to cause yeast overgrowth connected to Candida. Inflammation-causing foods as dairy – when they result in difficulties in the intestinal tract – may result in diarrhea, fatigue, and headaches.

Lastly, some pointers on just how I went through the procedure of ditching milk while still nourishing the body of mine and also allowing myself to enjoy food that is delicious.

Finding dairy free versions of the favorite foods of mine. It is easier than ever to look for dairy free products in many stores – and also as a personal chef, among the most requested menus I cook is dairy-free, therefore I was previously tapped into a little innovative dishes.

Maintaining an open mind. Several of my clients’ favorite no dairy swaps consist of cauliflower pizza crust, almond milk, and cashew cheese. In case you are not sure just how to consume several of your favorite food with no dairy, try one or perhaps 2 changes that are small initially – such as almond whole milk on the granola of yours – after which steadily stage in the much more pronounced items. You will be amazed at just how delicious many of these choices are.

Incorporating nutrient rich foods. Adding foods as spinach, dandelion greens, kale, and broccoli into the daily diet of yours is able to help keep essential nutrients the body needs of yours, as vitamin D, calcium, and then protein rich food. You will find plenty of foods apart from dairy that we are able to consume to provide nutrients that are needed. In reality, just 3 Brazil nuts one day is able to assist alkalize the body and relax any unwanted inflammation.

Keep in mind that transitioning to a dairy free diet is often as gradual as you need for your lifestyle and health. Should you love jumping in with both feet initially love I have a tendency to do, here are some room swaps I created and recommend:

Ditch the cow’s stock and milk the fridge of yours with almond milk or even coconut milk. Maake sure they are unsweetened in case you want to avoid sugar that is added.

As unpleasant as this might be, toss all ice cream. Try out a better choice like So Delicious or Halo Top almond dairy cake.

Stock up on vitamin yeast. it is naturally low in calories and sodium, plus It is fat free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan.

Incorporate nuts as cashews as well as Brazil nuts to assist with protein that is necessary.

Stuff up on your favorite natural veggies and fruits – always!

For most my cheese lovers: Try raw cashew cheese which isn’t just nutrient packed but calorie friendly too.

And very last although not least, my private preferred thing: Keep lots of coconut water available to hydrate during the day.

Cheese is usually the hardest sacrifice for individuals that give up dairy. It is a regular staple, as well as food like Parmesan infused pesto, cheesy paninis, frothy ricotta lasagna, as well as the often popular pizza survive into our bellies much more than we would love to acknowledge. But consider the possible health benefits before you claim, “I cannot give up cheese!”

With a bit of food prep and several creative swaps, it gets easy. And in the experience of mine, it is well worth it.

Keep in mind, speak with a doctor before going dairy free. Dairy is essential for bone health and also provides several nutrients which are essential for the health and upkeep of the body of yours. A doctor or nutritionist may have the ability to enable you to determine what is best for you.

In case you are thinking about ditching dairy, I have created a 7 day dairy free food plan to make it super easy. Download below.

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