Creamy Seafood Pasta

This sea food pasta is a blend of shrimp, clams, scallops and mussels, all tossed along with spaghetti inside a homemade tomato marinade. An easy but elegant food that is ideal for entertaining!

When I’ve family and friends over, I usually serve sea food like bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp kabobs or perhaps this easy but entirely fulfilling sea food pasta.

Every time I visit the local Italian restaurant of mine, I purchase their special mixed sea food pasta. It is able to get costly to go out to eat, therefore I chose to recreate my personal favorite place dish at home. This pasta has a lot of seafood that is fresh tossed to a homemade sauce, plus I believe it is even better compared to the restaurant version!

How can you MAKE Sea food PASTA?

This healthy recipe begins with a simple homemade tomato sauce, that is created with garlic onions, tomato puree as well as seasonings. While the marinade is simmering, it is time to prepare the pasta and sea food. The scallops and shrimp are cooked for starters, then the mussels as well as clams are steamed in a bit of cooking liquid from the pasta. Toss the spaghetti, sea food and tomato sauce collectively, then serve and enjoy!

TIPS FOR Sea food Pasta

The tomato sauce may be made as many as two days in advance. You are able to keep it in the fridge until you’re prepared to prepare the pasta and sea food.
While I would rather make my personal sauce for this particular healthy snack, you are able to substitute a jar of the favorite marinara sauce of yours in case you are short promptly.

use 31 40 count sized shrimp within this recipe. You are able to go for smaller or larger shrimp, though I find this particular size being great since it is around similar color as the scallops.
Any blend of sea food is going to work here, additional excellent choices consist of chunks of fish, calamari or lobster.
No spaghetti available? Try out another long pasta , for example fettuccine, angel hair or perhaps linguine.


Mussels and clams taste wonderful, though they need a number of special handling. You would like to obtain living mussels & clams in the shop. If the mussels or even clams have exposed to the air shells, faucet on them and they do close, meaning they are fine and alive to eat. If the mussels and also clams continue to be open before food preparation, discard them.

Live mussels & clams have being kept in the fridge:

They need to simply be kept for a person to 2 times and also you wish to keep them in wide open containers within the refrigerator with a moist towel on top. Even though they live within the ocean, they shouldn’t be kept in water of course, if any h2o accumulates in the container, it needs to be exhausted every single day. If the clams and also mussels do not smell as the ocean, or maybe they detect off, toss them.

Before cooking mussels or clams, put them inside a bowl of water that is cold for aproximatelly twenty minutes. This enables the shellfish to expel sand. Get rid of the shellfish from the bath and discard the sandy h2o.

Get rid of the beards :

(the small furry share from the dull side) at mussels. You are able to take away the beards by pulling manually on the fibers to the hinge of the mussel. You are able to store the mussels with a soft towel to find a much better grip and protect the hands of yours.

Scrub the shellfish with a brush under water that is cold to eliminate any grime, sand, or maybe broken shell bits. When you’ve prepared the shellfish, ignore any which do not open during the baking process.


The sea food ingredients in this particular healthy recipe cook at rates that are different, therefore you will wish to prepare the shrimp as well as scallops first, then simply take them off if you prepare the clams and also mussels so they do not obtain overcooked & hard.

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