Cows into Burgers

Cows into Burgers

Cows into Burgers


After Coca Cola, the hamburger may be the best known American food invention to spread around the planet.


A hamburger isn’t made from ham but of ground up beef, formed into a patty, and that will be grilled and positioned between the 2 halves of a sesame seed bun.


It requires a great deal of cows to offer the world’s burgers, and then turning a lot of cattle into much beef meat requires an industrial process. Cattle consume lawn at pasture or on the range, but around the Usa several are especially fattened up for their previous 3 weeks before slaughter.


In feedlots that are giant up to 100,000 livestock consume feed from concrete troughs, together with a cocktail of anabolic steroids and growth hormones. Based on a recently available analysis near the US Department of Agriculture, these congested circumstances are a breeding soil for infectious illnesses.


Many feedlots are owned and managed by the 4 massive meatpacking firms which slaughter eighty four % of the Usa ‘s livestock.


In 1960 a revolution happened in this market. A company named Iowa Beef Packers developed a “disassembly” line for livestock slaughter that ultimately did away with old style skilled workers.


It was as the Henry Ford process for creating motor cars, dependent on “scientific management” theories of maximising effectiveness. Each worker is necessary to remain in the same area and do the same motions for an eight hour shift.


When the cattle are pushed into the slaughterhouse, the “knocker” shoots every one within the top which has a compressed atmosphere stunner which moves a steel bolt into the brain of its, tapping the beast unconscious.


The cow falls bad, so another worker attaches a chain round a back leg that then hauls the pet within the air upside-down.


The “sticker” then severs the carotid artery within the neck, one every 10 seconds. The entire carcase will be carried on lowered by the disassembly line beyond some other employees with chain saws, knives and hooks that carve it up further into the bits for list.


The de skilled work of meatpacking is dangerous and dirty and rarely unionised according to Eric Schlosser which investigated slaughterhouses for the book of his Fast Food Nation.


Very much of the efforts, Schlosser contends, is accomplished by illegal aliens or recent immigrants in huge industries close to the rural feed lots.


Automated Meat Recovery Systems can get every scrap of red meat off a bone. The bones, hooves, scraps and blood can additionally be made into pet food.


Giant grinders are fitted for making hamburgers. Modern plants are able to process 800,000 fat of hamburger meat one day, from many thousands of various cattle.


The meat in one fast food hamburger might come from dozens, as well as thousands of cows.

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