Carnitas Enchiladas

Carnitas Enchiladas

Carnitas Enchiladas


Carnitas Enchiladas (AKA Pulled Pork Enchiladas) are a tasty alternative means to consume enchiladas. Abundant, crispy carnitas are wrapped around tortillas and discussed with a tangy homemade enchilada sauce as well as lots of cheese. This particular recipe uses 10 enchiladas that will be baked all at the same time or even frozen in batches for scaled-down households.

2 days ago, I discussed the very best, most crispy as well as incredible Homemade Carnitas Recipe along side Carnitas Tacos, made 3 methods that are distinct . And I am hoping you are only some carnitas’d out since I’ve another carnitas recipe for you today: Carnitas Enchiladas.


Throughout my carnitas formula assessment extravaganza, due to the really astonishing quantity of carnitas I’d throughout the house for a good 2 weeks, I made these enchiladas So frequently, moreover never have fed up with them.


Carnitas are a fantastic filling for enchiladas since they’re super rich as well as flavorful all on their very own so that they do not get overwhelmed by the additional ingredients. Include all of the cheese as well as sauce you would like, plus you are currently planning to get a lot of that fantastic carnitas taste if you bite into these enchiladas.


And also the sauce, I LOVE the sauce. It is soft, a bit of tangy, and not overly bitter. It is ideal over tortillas as well as meat, though I forever kind of wish to consume it with a spoon also.


It is that great.


That said, it is absolutely not genuine enchilada sauce, so in case you’ve a popular sauce of your to promote, be at liberty to make use of that instead.


I constantly make these enchiladas with the homemade of mine carnitas formula as a means to consume leftovers, but in case you do not have carnitas made actually, I have embedded the carnitas recipe of mine below the enchilada formula. You are able to additionally click through to that particular blog post to see a lot more precise carnitas instructions.


OR, in case you’ve regular pulled pork available, you are able to use that. Pulled pork as well as carnitas are produced- Positive Many Meanings – out of exactly the same cut of beef, and there is ample seasoning in the sauce it does not matter an excessive amount of the way the pork was initially seasoned.


The best way to Make Carnitas Enchiladas (Pulled Pork Enchiladas) Step by step pictures of creating carnitas enchiladas.

These’re several of the simplest enchiladas to whip up. The sauce is pronounced from pantry staples which just obtain whisked collectively on the stove along with simmered until thickened. After which you are prepared to assemble the enchiladas of yours.


The carnitas are combined with a little bit of sauce, wrapped around tortillas, and also lined up in a casserole dish. You then put on the sauce, add cheese, then bake.


30 minutes later, you wind up with enchiladas which are perfect, rich, and cheesy for piling significant with sour cream as well as pico de gallo and also serving to family and friends.


Great picture of pulled pork enchiladas with carnitas, sour cream, then pico de gallo.

Freezing Carnitas Enchiladas

The recipe I am sharing today makes a full size casserole dish and can serve five people 2 enchiladas each. I am sharing a full size version for 2 reasons: one, I truly love to make this for others. It is a genuine crowd pleaser along with a low stress supper making for guests. two, it freezes wonderfully, thus in case you are a little home, freeze this (unbaked) in batches and also you are able to obtain 2 or maybe 3 dishes from it.


I have provided comprehensive freezing and also reheating directions in the recipe card, but this can make 2 8×8 pans of 5 enchiladas or perhaps 3 5×7 pans of 3 or perhaps 4.


Carnitas Enchilada Recipe Notes

If perhaps you’ve a favorite enchilada sauce of your to promote, use three cups of the favorite sauce of yours.

If you want fairly saucy, damp enchiladas, one 1/2 this sauce recipe.

Be at liberty to increase the cheese, etc., black beans, corn, to the carnitas filling. Make the carnitas enchiladas of the heart of yours.

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